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LDMS Falcon Band

Lake Dallas Middle School offers 4 bands that includes 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. In 6th grade, students will participate in the "Beginner Band." They will meet daily and be in classes with other students that play the same instrument. Students will learn the fundamentals of their instrument and develop a solid basis of music literacy to prepare them for "Advanced Bands." 7th and 8th graders participate in "Advanced Bands." These bands consist of our Honors Band (Varsity), Symphonic Band (Non-Varsity), and Concert Band (SubNon-Varsity).

The Beginner Band and Advanced Bands perform in concerts, contests, festivals, and solo and ensemble contests. We also participate in fun activities and social events (Andretti's, PinStack, and LDMS Band Party!)

​It is the focus of the LDMS Band program to develop in the students a love of their instruments and a love for music. Team work is a fundamental part of the success of the band program. We encourage our students to excel not just as individual players, but as part of a greater whole. 

We believe it takes a village! We promote academic success and are proud to teach so many well-rounded students!

LD Falcon Band